We advise on a range of different investment products pursuant to a clients investment strategy.

Direct Equity Investing (shares)

We are active portfolio managers for clients who hold shares in a company listed on a registered stock exchange, both in Australia and overseas. Portfolios are individually tailored to each clients risk appetite and goals, whether that be a growth focus, income focus or a combination of the two.

Portfolio Management and Reporting

Portfolio reporting is a crucial tool when it comes to investment management and includes, but not limited to, the ability to monitor and review performance, track income generated and review capital gains/losses positions. Through our industry leading portfolio management software, accessible online to clients 24/7, we are able to run any required reports over customised date ranges, including a full end of year performance and tax report.


Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds (ETF’s) are investment vehicles similar to managed funds in that they typically hold an underlying basket of securities, with the advantage of being listed on a registered stock exchange. ETF’s generally allow the investor to gain diversified exposure to a group of assets with the convenience of purchasing a single security. Assets can include Australian shares, international shares, fixed income products, currencies and commodities, and usually have lower fees than a traditional managed fund.

We predominantly use ETF’s to gain exposure to international markets.



As the name suggests, derivatives are assets that derive their value from an underlying asset. The main types of derivatives are exchange traded options (ETO’s) and warrants. While derivatives are not suitable for all investors, ETO’s can be a powerful tool to increase the income earned on a portfolio or gain a larger exposure to an underlying asset without the full capital outlay.

Fixed Income / Hybrid Securities

Fixed income or fixed interest securities can include bonds, preference shares, capital notes and hybrid securities and are generally suited to investors seeking income rather than capital growth, although mispricing of assets can result in some capital growth over time. The proportion of a portfolio allocated to this asset class is dependant on a number of factors.


IPO’s and Capital Raisings

Through our strategic partnerships we are regularly offered access to new issues and capital raisings, without any obligation to participate.

Previous IPO’s and capital raisings

Private Wealth Management

We provide unbiased and personalised wealth management and investment advice, with a focus on retirement planning and superannuation.


We advise on a range of different investment products in accordance with a clients investment strategy, including shares, fixed income securities, ETF's, LIC's and derivatives.

Multi Family Office (MFO)

Our holistic, personal CFO service for high net worth clients and their families.

Strategic Alliances

We have a number of relationships with external advisory firms to assist in ensuring our clients receive the best possible advice relevant to their specific situation.


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