Office (MFO)

Multi Family Office (MFO)

Wealth can bring with it both additional complexities and opportunities.

Our Multi Family Office is specifically designed to assist high net worth families manage their entire wealth with individually tailored strategies, including asset protection and inter generational wealth transfer facilitation.

Wealthy families generally have a team of advisors working with them, but too often the advisors work independently of each other.

We take an integrative and collaborative approach and include all relevant professional advisors to ensure we are all working towards the same goal and achieve the best possible outcome for our family office clients.

The Odin Financial MFO services include tax and estate planning, insurance and risk management, asset protection and investment advice and we do this by coordinating an experienced team of advisors to ensure the best advice in each area.

Odin Financial MFO oversees and manages a clients entire financial position, with the advisory team offering bespoke services to secure the future for generations to come.

Private Wealth Management

We provide unbiased and personalised wealth management and investment advice, with a focus on retirement planning and superannuation.


We advise on a range of different investment products in accordance with a clients investment strategy, including shares, fixed income securities, ETF's, LIC's and derivatives.

Multi Family Office (MFO)

Our holistic, personal CFO service for high net worth clients and their families.

Strategic Alliances

We have a number of relationships with external advisory firms to assist in ensuring our clients receive the best possible advice relevant to their specific situation.


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